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No Popping Bubbles - Fly High Magical People....Entreprenuers & CREATIVES

If you were Glen or Glenda in the Wizard of Oz where would you choose to land in OZ? Would you pick Munchin Land, take off to Candycane Lane or ride a Twister? How do we pop that bubble that keeps us condensed into a locked space? You know that WE can only prosper by taking risks outside the "known," to be explosive to make change, to expand into new beginnings - to succeed in business or life.

Once you allow youself to feel completly, you find out the truth - life is OUR business. You know how they say it's not personal, it's business. But have no doubts, everything you feel, say and do has extraordinary impact in this world. Everything is OUR business. What we are going to do now as Creatives is to ascend so high on this mission to share our gifts by letting our heart lead - then our mind will follow. Abundance is and always has been ours.

Each one of us have a mission, we can solve problems, give hope, build faith and be examples on how to create new beginnings. Right now, living in this big shift, our business is to find cures to accomplish someones goals. Your tactic that you mentor must be experienced by you first, to know and empathize with the process To do this, we have to pop the bubble and land somewhere else besides any progrmmed belief system.