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Lookin Good? Do You Taste Good?

Has anyone told you today that your special? Look in that mirror and start becoming your own best friend. Because seeking external validation days are over for you. Haven't we suffered enough from the brain washing of thinking the external stuff is what makes us happy? It all starts with the yummy stuff inside you, the rich mindful goodness within you!

Let's face it, we have all bitten into something that look so delicious on the outside and been greeted with the yucky sticker. The summarizes how our brain, body & soul tasters challenge. Whatever we breathe in, listen to and allow to digest within ourselves, equates to our mind wellness = our happy thermometer. It doesn't matter how much you candy coat your outside world - it's all your insides that count.

Think about your life as a bag of M & M's. Is that all your feeding your brain, body and soul....the same bag of marketed crap that pretty much makes you sick? When you look in the mirror - is that really you? Are your eyes bright and sparkling? Is your skin glowing and vibrant? Does your body feel light and ready to indulge in your favorite activity? Is your brain clear and sparking you with good energy vibes? If it's no to any of these, it's time to look at what desert your tasting every day - the same candy coated mess? Let's shift it today!

For me, personally, I know when the crap out there is loading up on me when I gain weight, my eyes are puffy, my skin looks ragged and it's hard to stay focused to get anything meaningful done. Plus, I dream about things that give me anxiety & warn me that change needs to happen right now or suffer. Suffering, submitting and compromising is not my jam. Put it this way, we get enough natural life changing pain in our life - we don't need to overload to feel like sinking into a hiding. Don't believe that trauma bonding with each other, i.e. boasting about how much you suffered yesterday will ever add anything of value to your existence - that is a lie sold to us like a drug-to become addicted.

Every time you start falling into the suffering trap that everyone seems to brag about, note it. Start witnessing how many people are so easily sharing their woes with you, dumping it all out like dead flowers. Instead, focus on sharing positive things you see, feel, hear or experience. You have the power to acknowledge that yesterday is over and the NOW is something different-better. Never-ever believe that all patterns, routines or expectations are good for you, that is a lie sold to us like a drug-to become addicted.

Hence forward, excuse yourself from having chaos dumped into your head. Don't let bitterness be the popular treat. Instead, make it a mindful point to mostly share the good stuff, the candy of life. Of course, if you need help trouble shooting through actions and feelings to get to the other side, sharing being vulnerable is empowering. But being a broken record of the same miserable song does not making life sweet. Eat your sweet cake of life with pride, every single slice and boast about how amazing the things you see, hear, feel and do. Shift the world! Replace addictions with creating new deserts!

Love Skye

Skye Elizabeth Best known as Skye Shadow is a Germanic, Celtic, Iroquoian, Empath & a Lightworker descendant. Skye is an Empowerment Writer, Artist, Speaker, Life Crafter & Entrepreneur Coach. Every creation tells a story transcended through her ancestral roots & other creatives willing to be vulnerable: colors to speak emotions; the crafted symbols, hidden secrets & mystical energy that uniquely speak to you.


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