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It's Easier to Build Fear than a Wall

Every piece of art that has eyes, I stare into for hours imaging how the artist felt and who this entity is that they chose to represent how they feel about life. When you look into someone's eyes, even your eyes.....what do you see? I took a walk yesterday in my

neighborhood to soak up some sunshine and feel that chilled breeze against my skin so I could snap into a high energy wake up. The mountains are loaded with white frozen diamonds and the water is sparkling white lights from the dark-cold winter waters. I wondered, pondered and felt torn pages of piece of each centuries history, lay before me -today.

We sit in our homes, watch the tube, play on phones and download information from media sources that tell us we are sick, to be afraid of our existence and to be afraid of each other. Then we are told to spend our money until we are in debt, manipulate us to believe that being in debt is an asset to our life and that while paying more taxes every year, we struggle to afford basic living needs. We are made to believe this is normal. But the wall is tumbling down. I believe Marie Antoinette's and Louis XVI greed caused their demise.

Most food is toxic, laced with sugar and animals are being manufactured in warehouses, jacked up with drugs and live tortured lives of inhumane conditions. The eyes of each animal frozen in fear, dread and many never see daylight or get to roam free, eating the grasses from Mother Nature. Over 1,300 ingredients in beauty or personal products is illegal in the UK, but the FDA funded by big corporations, seems to me, to be looking the other way. Isn't money more important than people? But the wall is becoming transparent. Ask a brave leader, Nneka Leiba, Vice President of Healthy Living Science at the Environmental Working Group read the article by Elizabeth Swanson

We are studied for years to figure out how will humans conform like rats, chickens, ants or any herded creature, to bend at their will, to feed off our fear. There is no visible wall that encloses most of us, it's pure fear. Fear is more stronger than a physical wall because the human mind is more intelligent than any material mass that does not have a heartbeat. How is fear caging you into your mind right now? But the wall is now just a shadow as the light pierces through ripping lies. I believe Stalin's and Hitler 's 'great purge' of millions of people, caused their lies, their demise. They both promised "a utopian society in which the working class would enjoy unprecedented prosperity." read article by Ilya Somin

This share is not to depress you or bring your spirits down. It's to look at history and how we have taken chances, risks, thrived and evolved as humans. We have learned how to overcome adversities, deal with greedy leaders, correct lies that are making our bodies unhealthy and we found a way to plant food and share wealth amongst all the people to benefit, not just a small percentage of glutenous-indulgent entities. We are no longer here to just survive, sit and wait for another day to fly by our screens. WE are ready to take risks and step forward to make a huge impact in this world. The only one that will stop you is Y O U, habits that no longer serve you. Break all habits that are imprisoning your body, mind and soul. Freedom is our destiny - it's your Souls Spirit!

Skye is an empowerment speaker, writer & mixed media artist. She calls herself - Creative Empowerist and coined “You are the Artist of Your Life” in her network. After facing multiple life crushing tragedies, she emerged to craft life changing & mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks by owning your powerful energy and how being vulnerable cultivates our greatest gift & life purpose. She believes the only way to thrive is to get on the stage of your life and ascend in the most competitive culture that has existed in our life span. Skye is a mind artist of human energy and teaches to paint our life STRONG.


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