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Dreamy Actors Sucking Your Heart Out

Empaths, Lightworkers & Pure Hearts, now more than ever, 'Vultures' are arrogantly roaming this Earth seeking to feed off you or any willing heart that will honor their commands - to drink your energy like an alcoholic needs chemicals to survive. Thirsty are those actors desiring to desperately suck the marrow out of your heart to fill their void. Trust me, they

gained immense diminishing power for decades, believing they would reign forever. But over the last few years, whether in high places of leadership or crawling out of dark rabbit holes in your local neighborhoods, their claws are gripping hard right now to survive as truth seekers are waking up to heal into self love & lighting up the world with faith and hope. Why are you being hunted? Because the more you take your power back, the more desperate Vultures get trying to find pure hearted energy to feed their own voids. Self-loving, pure hearts and empowered souls is their cocktail to survive. WE are the light force they want to power up their shaded and caged minds. Vultures reign out of their fears. But we are taking our POWER BACK!

Whatever you do, DO NOT share your sacred and glorious body - deny them access. Give yourself time to feel through every veil, layer by layer. Because a euphoric-sensual release of your free spirited emotions will blind the truth as you get more intimate. Vultures know that intimacy with you will allow them to hook into your heart deeper - it's harder to detach. They craft their pathway to use your emotions to gain more access, to get you under their deceptive spell - many shaded souls don't even know it, it's their egos' drive to survive.

These scavengers are very-very selective, after years, even ancestral decades of practice and they want the most potent quality of pure hearted love they can find, a stronger drug to power their self denials & selfish indulgences. If you do succumb to the manipulation or your own desires for physical pleasures, know that you have entered their mentally weaved trap. No worries, I can get you untangled because.... I am the predator's prey of choice. I am an Empath that is an expert at knowing Vultures work. Alert! Alert! (romantic/not relationships) here is how to be released & know these caged minds:

#1 Feelings Check: Whether you're an Empath or not, when any warning signs start happening, where you feel punished or worried about if you're doing enough to make them happy - alert! alert! Immediately, enter with caution if you are getting conflicting feelings or even being blocked where you feel almost nothing or detachment from the others soul. Notice how your body starts overthinking and guess what, the actor will notice and start openly punishing you for not bending to their needs. You are there to serve them, not you - even if you just lost a loved one or are working out of hardships yourself. Feel how when you first met, it seemed like you could power through this world to heal & prosper together. Now your head is now doing a reverse spin where you have a hard time sleeping, confused or perplexed by how this person is making you feel. Feel nausea or drained? Remedy: Start now or take more time to meditate. Create a ritual that powers your emotions with courage & manifest how your energy stands on your own, stronger, brighter and detach.

#2 Words Are Power: Their words that once were cotton candy, will twist into sour patches of poor ME's. Vultures victimhood songs will start playing stronger. Their goal, inheritably, is for you to feel even more empathy for them so they can play your heart strings. Instead of sweet compliments or talking about dreams or joy to share with you, it becomes more about their hardships....moon’s ago or their defiance to how bad the world treats them today. They are addicted to talking about their woes. Most ask you questions about you to learn you & study how they can align with your beliefs. Many truly want to feel and live like you. But these self serving predators blame the world instead of doing the healing work. Listen to how their words start sounding like riddles and stop making logical or common sense. Notice how they have a hard time sharing deep-transcending conversations that look at the world with love versus victimhood. Remedy: Start a new journal that expresses this journey you are having with feelings & how it's redirecting your actions. Learn from all the symbolism - those signs that are gripping your heart. Dig deep and look at the mirror. Always, fear finds a window-a door when you are thinking or feeling lack of value, doubt or some despair that has not healed yet. Join a circle of others who are determined to grow into their higher self. (I will be starting Creative Rebel - Heart Healing Workshops)

#3 Actions: Know vultures show up with a resume telling you how honorable, loyal and giving they shall be to you = pure charmers. Don't think that all Empaths are good people, realize that even Vultures can 'feel' your emotions. At first, your soul is joyful of the endless possibilities to share your journey with a new friend or maybe it's your soul mate? Empaths were created with the gift to feel everything, all the emotions of another living soul. But Vultures can even block another Empath's gift to feel all the truths right away. Be patient, even week two, if you don't bend to their expectations, they show it! Watch them unravel. Plus, all that talk, most of their proclamations of being givers is short lived or distorted - you feel more empty than when you first met them, like your being used. Remedy: This is my favorite - walk in nature with absolutely no technology or any other human but you. Feel the wind blow across your face to tell you secrets, notice how animals or insects present themselves to you, watch the sun rise and set....push yourself into intentional high energy self care. Get a massage, kayak on a the water and make a bucket list of things you are going to do but didn't have the courage. Use the Vultures deception to power you up into doing good things that matter for you.

Skye is an Energy Empowerment Teacher, Empath, Lightworker, Mystic, Writer, Mixed Media Artist and is building a platform to empower Creative Entrepreneurs. She calls herself - The Creative Empowerist and coined “Be the Artist of Your Life” to lead a thought provoking conversation to learn your magic. After facing multiple life crushing tragedies, she emerged to craft life changing & mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks by owning your powerful energy and how being vulnerable cultivates our greatest gift & life purpose. She believes the only way to thrive is to get on the stage of life and learn how to ascend in the most competitive culture that has existed in our life span. Skye is a mind artist of human energy and teaches to paint our life STRONG.

IG @princessrockit


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