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How do you want to be seen?  Be Authentic or an Illusion?   Do you feel like your making a difference in the world?  What would make you truly happy?  You can lead your life to consciously create a business, career or an existence on earth, that rocks your world, utilizing all of your unique gifts

You can keep on ticking the boxes of the old script from the unconscious mind, live copy & paste,  compartmentalize people, situations, and experiences.  But that's not you, anymore.  You want to be completely whole, all of you - I understand. 

All the leadership awards I received, turned out it doesn't make life joyful if we are not deeply and authentically happy.   But I found a way to transform both versions of ourselves.

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I draw from my over 25 years thrust of the corporate world, often mentoring some amazing human souls who are now impactful attorneys, designers, architects, developers, investors, salespeople, directors and consulted CEO's/Owners/Presidents/Vice Presidents of prominent businesses, on how to align their best assets to accomplish their goals.

 "More than any other time in human history, the most effective work is being done by right-brainers and out-of-the-box thinkers." - Fast Company, The Future of World 

I crafted a business that digs deep to bust limiting beliefs and remove roadblocks that are stopping you from cultivating your real authentic powers. I help people tap into their creative intelligence and empower them on how to thrive in the outside world. This is only for go-getters that are willing to step out of old programs, to create a new way of thinking.  I mentor you on how to harness your own powerful energy and expand into a dimension of emotional freedom to be the artist of your life - the happiest version of being you!

You are an Illuminator Leader!

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Creative Mind,  ready to break OUT?

Hit a Wall  or Mind Clenched.   You find yourself tolerating the programs around you, diminishing your excitement and crushing your ambitions.  It feels more like a hive of duplication, than celebrating your unique talents - your not a clone.  You need to create something that gets you excited about living life every day.  Your a masterpiece, no one else can create what you can.  We are going ignite your path. 

Feeling Supsended or Caged.  The toxic energy around you has been disempowering and creating mental barriers. If you don't penetrate the thick imprisonement, you will sink into regrets.  You need to break out and design master minded growth.  Let's get you ready for a new ride, it's called freedom to be all of you. Have no doubts that you will unlock  into new magnificent prosperous passions.  

Imagine how you would feel illuminating by....

✔ Breaking away with meaning, carving out a new program using your unique powerful talents. 
✔ Shifting roadblocks out of your way, your creative intelligence expanding past boundaries. 
✔ No longer fearing your enemy, knowng that can trust your intuitive impactful strategies.
Your thriving, not just surviving, with new cultivated knowledge of your Higher Self.

Illuminator Leadership Offering 

Creative Minds are what revolutionized respective industries, manufacturing, energy, retail and set themselves aside from the rest of the world!  One idea, from one person, can create a New Beginning. You can change your own life by believing in your Creative Mind. 

The old program of approaching life challenges in a purely linear fashion is over and has stopped being relevant.  What your feeling is being caged in an old systems that is hanging on like claws.  But as fast-paced innovation surges to amazing new heights and procedural thinking wanes, the demand for creative thinking grows exponentially.  Whether it's your career, business or a creative life, we are entering a playful, creative, forward-thinking new existence.  More than any other time in human history, the most magnificent work is being done by out-of-the-box thinkers, right brainers - Creatives.

This will be a fusion of one-on-one, *being part of a workshop(s) & Creative Minds Rule!

SEEK Package:               $333.00 ($459.11 Value)
CREATOR Package:         $555.00 ($984.22 Value)
ILLUMINATOR Package:   $1111.00 ($1571.33 Value) 

Click "Start Now"  to sign up to get the full list of inclusions in your package.  This is for YOU!
*Workshop(s) included in CREATOR/ILLUMINATOR Package or can be purchased separate. 

"You have to fall back down to pick yourself up."  - Skye 

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