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Empath Super Powers

How do I know if I am an Empath? 
Why am I so ultra sensitive

What if you could design the happiest version of your life with your extraordinary gift?

Whether it's discovering your purpose, learning to trust your sense of other peoples energy, learning how to harness your superpower or embracing &  enhancing your gift—you can totally do it.

"Own Your Energy. Harness Your Rare Super Power." - Skye

Beautiful Soul, does any of this sound familiar?

Confused, lost or stuck.  Due to your high sensitivity, your struggling with anxiety, self-doubt and not sure why you are so overwhelmed from just existing.   The intensity of emotions you feel around is leaving you easily drained. You will learn how to identify your own energy versus someone elses & why your downloading everyone elses too.

Anxious being in crowds.  Your find many times in public or groups, other peoples energy around you is disempowering & makes you feel diminished.  Sometimes you feel like your in psychic combat.  You will learn how to clear toxic energy & create barriers against destructive energy pentrating through you. 

Frustrated with the gift. You want to live feeling rejuvinated, not weighed down by other peoples energy around you.  Your losing sleep, exhausted in social settings or want to hide out more than what's healthy.  You will learn how to empower and manifest your powers to create harmony in your life.  

Ready to flourish and level up.  Your ready to harness your gift & realize how you are connected to the greater healing of the world.  Ready to venture out for your greater mission, while embodying the beauty of your true gifts? I will guide you on how your destined to make a difference - but always the choices are yours. 

It's time, imagine how you would feel if you could...

✔ Wake up inspired and excited for your day, knowing you will flourish being highly sensitive.
✔ Live a happy and successful life on your terms, mastering the emotions you download to serve your greater purpose.
✔ Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, knowng that you will be able trust your gut instincts & rare intuition as a super power.  
✔ Make a positive impact on the world, utilizing your gifts to contribute to create something bigger than yourself. Teach others strategies to protect, set limits, boundaries & cut chords with draining people.

Let's Explore Your Super Powers Below


Empath Offering 

Being an Empath is a rare gift, only 1 to 2 percent of the population experience this type of super powerful sensitivity - your Super Power!


Empaths have the ability to bring much-needed harmony back to this New World and now more than ever, you are a gifted asset.  I know this powerful gift makes you feel vulnerable, protective and overwhelmed.  But when used with discernment, it's a rare and useful tool.  An empath doesn’t have to feel too much and be overloaded once you learn how to center yourself.  I am here to mentor you as you Master your energy and emotions to celebrate, not tolerate your gift.  It's time for you to harness your Super Powers, your a badazz Empath.

This will be a fusion of one-on-one, *being part of a workshop(s) & Creative Minds Rule!

SEEK Package:               $333.00 ($459.11 Value)

CREATOR Package:         $555.00 ($984.22 Value)

ILLUMINATOR Package:   $1111.00 ($1571.33 Value) 

Click "Start Now"  to sign up to get the full list of inclusions in your package.  This is for YOU!

*Workshop(s) included in CREATOR/ILLUMINATOR Package or can be purchased separate. 

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